Terms & Conditions

  • TERMS: This Advertising Contract shall commence on the selected start date and shall be effective for until its termination on selected end date (“Term”), unless otherwise terminated earlier by either Party if either Party fail to perform its obligations to each other as expressed and stated herein. Furthermore, the Client may renew this Contract by providing written notice thirty (30) business days before the expiration.


  • PAYMENT: The Client shall pay the Agency the per month. Moreover, the Agency shall send an invoice to the Client every 1st day of the month, and such invoice shall be paid within fifteen (15) days from the invoice date.


  • LOCATIONS: The Agency will play the Client’s video advertisement at the selected locations for the duration of the Term.


  • SERVICES: Upon executing the Contract, the Agency shall perform the following Services:


  • Discuss the benefits of advertising to the Client’s products and services.
  • Play a 15 second video advertisement for the Client at the selected Locations for the duration of the Term.